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Cheap Surfboards Perth

Cheap Surfboards Warehouse has quality surfboards at an affordable price. Our Soft Surfboards are used by Surf Schools throughout Australia.

As a beginner, you want a surfboard that is both easy to learn on and will be a blast to ride as you improve.

Our cheap surfboards Perth lineup is tailored to span all types of surfers. Each board is designed with the widest range of surfers in mind. This means each surfboard will be forgiving while learning, yet will present new doors to open around every corner while you progress.

We’ve taken into account all the elements needed for stability (thickness, width, and concaves), and combined them with the critical elements of manoeuvrability (rocker, rails, and fin setup). With all the elements working together, you get a board that is stable AND manoeuvrable. This is EXTREMELY important as a beginner to intermediate surfer.

We don’t have a fancy shop, or office staff to answer the phone – sorry! Cheap Surfboards Perth sells directly to you at wholesale prices.

You don’t pay Surf Shop prices at Cheap Surfboards Warehouse!

Save 20% off an O’Neill Wetsuit  – When you buy a New Surfboard.

Surfboards Perth

  • Wholesale Prices – Our prices are up to 50% cheaper than surf shops. Surfboards Perth Warehouse sells directly from the factory to you.
  • Satisfied Customers – We have 1000’s (no exaggeration) of stoked out of their mind customers. Many have purchased 2 and 3 times.
  • Local Perth Surfers – We’re just like you, probably live across the street even.
  • Customer Service – You need help… we’ve got answers. And we’ll do it without the elitist attitude so common in today’s shops.
  • Huge Selection – Over 300 boards on hand at all times.
  • Superior Board Shapes – Over 30 years of experience has gone into every one of our shapes guaranteeing that the board you choose will be perfect for you and where you surf.
Cheap Surfboards Warehouse B Surfboard Covers

B Board Covers RRP $125 Our Price $75

Our Cheap Surfboards Perth – are sold at wholesale prices | Direct from the factory to you!

If you want a surf shop that is open 7 days?

If you require someone to answer the phone 7 days a week?

 Sorry, that’s not us! (we are too busy surfing)

If you want the above, you will need to go to a surf shop and pay a bucket load more $$$ !

If you want a quality surfboard for half the price, then drop in and see me at my warehouse in Malaga.

Less overheads = Wholesale prices!

Unit 1 / 2 Enterprise Crescent, Malaga.

Open Hours – Part Time Business

Thursday: Closed 20th September

Friday: 11am to 2pm

Saturday: 11am to 2pm

Less overheads = Wholesale prices!

Secondhand Surfboards Perth from only $110 | New Kids Bodyboards $22 | Secondhand Wetsuits from $20

*S/H – Stock changes all the time so please don’t phone to check, as we can not keep track of Secondhand gear, it comes and goes fast. Have a look when we are open…

Mini Mal’s from $150

Fun boards From $150

Soft Boards From $110

Surfboards from $150

Wetsuits from $20

Kids Bodyboard $22



Board Bags RRP $99 Our Price $55

Leg Ropes RRP $30 Our Price $22

3 x Fins RRP $45 Our Price $22

Cheap Surfboards Warehouse - Wholesale Prices to the public....