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Cheap Surfboards Warehouse

Cheap Surfboards Funboards are a good way to add some variety to the way you normally surf.
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The Good Old Days!

Keith has been making, importing and selling Surfboards since 1986
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Gnarly Kids Softboards

Our range of soft boards will steepen the learning curve because of the ease of catching waves.
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Our Warehouse is closed until August – Sorry we have gone surfing – New stock arriving in August…

Cheap Surfboards Warehouse has quality surfboards at an affordable price. Our Soft Surfboards are used by Surf Schools throughout Australia.

About Us

As a beginner, you want a surfboard that is both easy to learn on and will be a blast to ride as you improve.

Our cheap surfboards lineup is tailored to span all types of surfers. Each board is designed with the widest range of surfers in mind. This means each surfboard will be forgiving while learning, yet will present new doors to open around every corner while you progress.

We’ve taken into account all the elements needed for stability (thickness, width, and concaves), and combined them with the critical elements of manoeuvrability (rocker, rails, and fin setup). With all the elements working together, you get a board that is stable AND manoeuvrable. This is EXTREMELY important as a beginner to intermediate surfer.

We don’t have a fancy shop, or office staff to answer the phone – sorry! Cheap Surfboards Warehouse sells directly to you at wholesale prices.

You don’t pay Surf Shop prices at Cheap Surfboards Warehouse!

This is why we can offer the best surfboards at very low prices. Our Cheap Surfboards Warehouse is only open a couple of days a week, which also helps keep our prices down.



Great for beginners – If you’re a beginner, the best surfboard for paddling, catching waves and getting the most stability is a Mini Mal. A Mini-Mal is a great surfboard to learn on....